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Thinking Twice about Promises and Commitments

I wrote a post recently about the critical importance for us addicts of keeping our word. A strong sense of integrity makes abstinence so much easier. Then a couple of experiences over the past weeks have had me thinking about this some more.

One of my problems is that I say yes too quickly. Yes to a freelance job coming my way even though my work calendar is full. Yes to an invitation from an acquaintance because I feel guilty saying no. Yes to hosting an event for good friends even though I don’t have the time and others could do it just as easily. I generally end up keeping my word on all these things, but my stress level really ratchets up.

In support of my abstinence, I am practicing thinking twice about saying yes. If it’s something that goes on the calendar, I say “I’ll have to get back to you.” If it’s something that feels like a should instead of a want to, I say “No thanks. Can’t make it.” I don’t let myself raise my volunteer hand until I see if someone else will raise theirs. Stress reduction is key to my sweeter life between meals.

What promises and commitments do you need to think twice about?

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