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Three Years without Sugar

Three years ago today I stopped eating sugar. Since then no ice cream, no cake, no cookies, no candy, no donuts. No brown sugar on my oatmeal or acorn squash. No honey mustard dressing. There’s been one exception. A morning where I mixed yogurt into my oatmeal, fruit, and nuts breakfast and discovered I’d misread the label. It was sugared yogurt. I chose to eat it anyway.

In exchange for no sugar, I’ve gotten normal cholesterol, normal blood sugar, normal blood pressure, and 50 pounds off my body. Was it worth it? You bet. Was it easy? Not at first. I was miserable for a few days detoxing from the poisons in refined sugars. But I was eating a crapton of vegetables, which is just about the best thing you can do for your mood and nervous system.

Do I miss it? Sometimes. But the longing for it has morphed over these years into an anxiety when I’m around it. I tend to get up from the table when people are eating dessert and going to the restroom where I hang out for 4-5 minutes while they eat it. It’s not that I begrudge their enjoyment but I don’t want to look at the sweets, just like I don’t want to sit facing a row of liquor bottles in a bar or tavern.

Will I ever eat sugar again? Not if I’m wise, not if I put my peace of mind first. But I might. I don’t know. I just won’t today.

What would you gain if you stopped eating sugar?

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