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TV and the seduction of comfort and lethargy

In a women’s money group I belong to, we had an exhilarating conversation about taking big risks, and I got to thinking about what might be in my way of doing that. I was having lunch afterwards with my friend Pam and it occurred to me to challenge us both to a week-long abstinence from TV watching.

This wasn’t directly related to food because I seldom eat a meal in front of the TV. I’ve trained myself to eat at a table and read or write or think instead. And I haven’t had commercial TV or cable since 9-11. But I’m still seduced into long evenings of Netflix or amazon Prime where one episode rolls automatically into another and suddenly I’ve been on my butt for four hours—well-entertained, to be sure, but passive, really passive.

Because I’ve worked systematically in recover to reduce as much stress as I can, my addiction to TV isn’t as a stress reliever. It’s just easier than something where I think, respond, create. And my deep sense of anxiety when I gave it up tells me there’s something here for me to really look at. Today is Day 5 of 7 and I’m feeling more connected to my life. That’s a big thing!

Where are you seduced by comfort and lethargy that doesn’t serve you well?

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