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What miracle are you waiting for?

“Just start your new practice now, with the next meal, with the next impulse to eat.” —Leo Babauta

It’s not surprising that we postpone our freedom from sugar and food addiction. “I’ll do that next Monday. I’ll wait until the first of the month. I’ll start after my birthday.” Why? Because we don’t really want to stop eating the way we’re eating. We want the problem to go away, but we don’t want to step into the change. So we decide we’ll wait a few more days for the miracle to occur.

What we don’t want to acknowledge is that the miracle occurs after we step into the change. It happens after we give away or throw away all the foods that trigger us to binge. It happens after we commit to our best health and well-being. It happens after we stop pretending we can eat like normal people.

The miracle of long-term abstinence from trigger foods like sugar and flour comes bit by bit as we put abstinent days into abstinent months and years. The cravings disappear, the pounds drop away, and a whole new life is available. You can start that miracle today, with your next meal, with your next impulse to eat. It’s so worth it.

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