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Why Cold Turkey May Be the Easier Route to Freedom

Over the years of seeking a way out of food addiction, I read lots of advice that encouraged me to taper off my use of sugar and flour. “Give up the hardest thing first” was the first suggestion, so I gave up ice cream. Then a few months later, I gave up candy. Then I gave up anything that was a dessert. This all took about a year.

The trouble was I was still eating sugar-sweetened jam on pancakes and toast, putting honey on my oatmeal and cornbread, using agave in recipes. In other words, I was still eating sugar. (Our brains—and tongues—don’t distinguish between the kinds of sweet.) For me, tapering off was long and hard and even though it created a sense of abstinence, it was a false success because eating some sweets kept the need for sweet going in my system.

I’ve now been abstinent from sugar and flour for 25 months. I’m not cured but I’m in remission from this form of addiction. I had to go cold turkey to get there. From one day to the next, no sugar, no flour of any kind. It has worked for me.

Might going cold turkey be the best thing you could do for your body and your peace of mind?

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