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Why TV Is Not Our Friend

Before I got abstinent, I did a tremendous amount of mindless eating in front of the TV. I’d start with dinner and then work my way through a big carton of ice cream as I watched show after show. A good number of my extra pounds were TV pounds.

Television is a very seductive influence in our lives. It pretends to be our companion, amusing us, informing us, helping us be less lonely. But it’s a false intimacy because it’s one-sided. It also pretends to be about entertainment, and while some of it is entertaining, it’s really a business that wants us to buy stuff, including demon foods. As such, it’s part of the perpetuation of dissatisfaction that is endemic in our culture.

As recovering food addicts, we can’t afford to participate in consumption as a treatment for dissatisfaction. Fortunately, most of us discover that if we aren’t getting numb from food, TV isn’t very interesting, and we watch less and less. We turn our attention to other activities that are both more engaging and less associated with food, a win/win component of the sweeter life between meals.

What role does TV play in your relationship with food? What might you change about that?

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