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Without enough sleep, it’s harder to lose weight

I recently read an interesting article that reported on sleep habits and weight loss in a small study (10 people). Sleeping less than six hours a night caused the participants to gain weight but when they slept seven to nine hours a night, they didn’t gain weight and some even lost weight. An interesting feature of this study is that they used the same 10 people for both groups. They all ate the same thing and for part of the study, they slept less, and for part of the study, they slept more.

In a much larger study (more than 1000 people), most of those who slept under six hours weighed considerably more than those who slept eight hours or more.

Chronic lack of sleep makes us hungrier and we tend to make poorer food choices. If you don’t sleep well or long enough, it may be time to take that sleep study or change your habits to promote more rest.

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